Power Cable Systems Design Assurance and Engineering

We offer a thorough engineering and design assurance services for land and subsea circuits from feasibility studies through to end of life disposal. The design objective is to offer a choice, whilst ensuring reliability throughout the service life of the circuit.

We have extensive experience on all types of cable and accessories, both state-of-the-art and superseded historic designs.

Power cable current rating, oil filled cable hydraulic calculations and EMTP analysis.

Project case study

Moray East and Moray West Offshore Windfarms

CCI provided design assurance and cable inspection services for two windfarms located in the Moray Firth in Scotland.

For the Moray East Windfarm CCI’s service extended to both the 220kV offshore export cable  and the 66kV inter array cable systems. This windfarm started generation in 2021.

Subsequent to the success of the Moray East Windfarm Oceanwinds engaged CCI for the same support on the Moray West Windfarm with the added inclusion of the 220kV land export cable system.

— 2020 through 2024
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