CCI has a wide experience of providing wind farm cable engineering services to the renewable energy industry.

CCI have inspected both European, Asian and North American cable and accessory manufacturing facilities and performed, on behalf of our clients, technical capability audits and confidential engineering reports on these facilities.

We have produced for clients technical specifications for cable systems for both inter array and export cable systems. We are able to provide technical assessments of designs offered by contractors during the client’s tendering process. This may include a review of contractor documentation and experience provided in support of his bid.

CCI are able to review and design assure contractor documents with reviews and comments as appropriate. This would include power cable ratings, accessory and component designs, power cable designs, power cable crossing designs, cable protection systems, design non-conformances, type test reports and plans, testing procedures proposed.

We can assist the client with deciding upon the level of manufacturing inspection that should be considered for each facility of a particular manufacturer and the review, witness and hold points that may be applied to the inspection and testing plan.

CCI inspectors can provide manufacturing inspection, a review of quality matters found and produce technical and progress reports.  We are able to review manufacturing records and reports.

Following installation, testing and commissioning CCI are able to provide engineering support during maintenance activities.


Example Project

Moray West Offshore Windfarm

Moray West Offshore Windfarm is located in Scotland’s Moray Firth

The wind farm consists of 60 wind turbines, each generating 14.7 MW, with a total wind farm capacity of 882MW.

Upto 275 km of 66kV inter array cables between the offshore substations and the connecting turbines

Two 220kV offshore export cable circuits from the offshore substation to the shore landing transition joint bays.

Two 220kV underground export cable circuits from the shore landing transition joint bays to the onshore Whitehillock substation.

Two 400kV underground export cable circuits between Whitehillock Substation and the grid connection point at Blackhillock substation.

CCI are providing design assurance support and manufacturing suveillance activity on all the above power cable systems.

The windfarm is due to be fully commisioned in Spring 2025.

66kV 3-Core Inter array subsea cable